Clipping Path Service is the most commonly used image manipulation technique. The clipping path or image cutout allows you to remove the background as seen from your image, thus helping you easily fill out e-commerce image editing guidelines. By making the background transparent, you can create life-like, real-looking images that are sure to impress your clients.

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Image cut-outs have clean edges with perfectly drawn clipping paths. They don't look edited. If you are involved in the e-commerce business, you can use multiple clipping path services to add color of your choice to different elements to make the image of the product attractive to your potential customers.

Clipping Path Service includes

Background Removal - In Adobe Photoshop, our photo restorers use the Pen tool to accurately select the image of your desired part. He then hand-picked each end of the selection to ensure the clipping path of the clipping to remove the background of the selected images.

Hand-drawn clipping paths always produce impeccable results. By removing the background from the image and placing it in a different image environment, you can get amazing images for advertising and marketing your product.

Color masks and color correction - Color masking or combination plays an important role in creating flawless edited images. Sometimes, some parts of the images may look dull due to lack of proper lighting. Other times, the camera used to click photos is not able to capture all the color vividness perfectly. As a result, the images don't look exactly the way you wanted them to.

Using multiple clipping paths you can separate different parts of the image and adjust the brightness, contrast, vibration and color balance. So, you can easily enhance the dull parts of your images by matching them with other parts of the product image.

Multiple clipping lessons

Multi-clipping path is the use of multiple paths created by combining multiple clipping paths in an image. This is done perfectly with the pen tools of Photoshop. Multiple clipping paths can be used to change the color of any image and present it in a new color. The use of multi-clipping paths has increased day by day in various garment sectors, modeling sectors, advertising agencies, online stores and in various fields. Different client paths have different demands of clients on individual image rotation, color level, transformation, multiple filling, opacity change, image shape change and much more. We promise you interesting work including value, reliability and satisfaction with our work. Our skilled team has been working on the multi-clipping path of hundreds of clients around the world for a long time with satisfaction.

Multiple Clipping Path An advanced form of clipping path, also known as color path, color gradient or color correction mask. Clipping paths allow you to remove backgrounds and separate them from images, multiple clipping paths allow you to separate each and every part of the image, place it in different layers and change the color balance, brightness, contrast and so on.

You can also change the color tone of each isolated part using multiple clipping path services. The task of clipping multiple paths and separating each part for clipping an image is much more laborious than managing a normal clipping path.

Who needs multiple clipping path services?

Multiple clipping path services are a popular image editing technique. Modeling agencies, garment shops, jewelry stores, photographers, e-commerce websites, online newspaper publishing houses, magazine houses and advertising agencies use this service to tune images.

What are the uses of multiple clipping paths?

Multiple clipping paths and color paths are primarily used to change the color of the fabric, to tone clothing and images. With this technique you can change the color intensity, color tone, hue / saturation, coverage and even use different sections and special filters in your image.

It allows you to change the opacity, rotation and size of each object in the image. In short, you can make each desired change in individual parts of an image. Doing so gives your images a fresh look.

In short, using multiple clipping paths, you can:

Create multiple clipping path levels by selecting multiple.

Background removal.

Cut individual elements from an image.

Multiple paths or color paths are used for color correction using special effects and filters in different sections of the image.

Wrap images and create text to add special effects.

Adding drops / reflections and natural shadows to the image for enhanced effect.

Create different categories for animation.

Why do you need this service?

If you own a costume or apparel, we understand that it is not always possible to spend time on such time-consuming editing. It is also not possible for modeling agencies and fashion houses to spend a lot of resources and clothing on different models. Using multiple clipping paths / color paths you can change the color of the dresses and accessories without noticing it.

Not only clothing and jewelry but also the surrounding materials of the model can be omitted, added or changed. These can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of scheduling multiple photography sessions with different models, clothing, accessories in different locations.

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