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Background Removal Services

Background Removal Services Background Removal Services

In Photoshop, Background removal service is one of the photo editing services that clips, masks and cuts out the image inside and outside background and replace a natural or white color background. Drawing Path and layer masking are very effective and vital for Background Removal Service.  In Photoshop, there is also automatic background removal tool to remove background from photo but it is not so much effective. Because it damages the photo outline and inside by cutting rudely and un-smoothly and makes huge curves. This kind of service is useful in ecommerce industry or online marketing, fashion or modeling fields, advertising or marketing and magazines. These industries need photos of their product to be freely edited or manipulated to remove, replace, or change background or unwanted objects.

Asia Clipping is an international background removal service company with more than 10 years of experience in digital photography. We are working with hundreds of famous media, fashion, printing, ecommerce, photography and other creative organizations. We have an expert team of about 150  photo retouchers, graphic designers and providing our clients the best background removal services. Currently, Asia Clipping has the capability to provide our clients more than 3000 images in a day. Background removal services can be divided into several types many kinds. Read below to find out more,


Image background removal and editing service

 Image Background Removal and Editing Service is a photo editing service we offer to our clients. Regardless of the complexity of the image, we have a special touch to seamlessly separate unwanted backgrounds from images whether you are an online seller or retailer Improper background needs to be removed from the image. You may have too many images to remove from your background. Stop your worries and come back to us !!!  We batch-edit and remove uninterrupted backgrounds of all your product images at reasonable rates.

As an e-commerce merchant or retailer you may need a white background or colorful background. If your goal is to sell in e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, you will probably need a white background for images of your products. You may even need a colorful background if you want to sell your store online in line with the color of your brand. You don't need any color for the background of your product photos, we can craft it with 100% perfection. You can also take photos of your product with transparent background if you want.

To remove the background from a product image, we usually use clipping paths. With this professional and hand-painted approach we ensure flawless completion of almost all types of product photos. Some products may have soft and rough edges such as ferry dolls, blankets etc. where we avoid the clipping path. Instead, we apply image masking to images of such products to cut the background and retain top-quality quality.

Some additional image background editing services like background removal or background removal, background blurring, background merge etc. are provided which are highly required by professional photographers.

Currently, we are able to deliver 5000 images per day and our normal viewing time is 12-24 hours. To evaluate the quality of our image background removal service, visit our "First Order Free" page and get free service up to 5 images in your first order.

Image Background Removal and Editing Services Department

Not all clients have the same needs when it comes to fixing image background problems. E-commerce vendors will be more interested in removing backgrounds, converting image backgrounds to transparent backgrounds, white backgrounds, colorful background services, etc. But pro photographers will need background switching, background blurring, etc. Provide an array of removal and editing services-

Creating a transparent background

If you own a website for your business regardless of the size of the business, you need to use a transparent background to place the logo on different pages to look professional. This is because when you use a white or colored background, it will collide with the webpage around the color to keep your web logo out of sight and out of place. Likewise, you can use transparent backgrounds for logos and other designs such as T-shirts, letterheads, images and videos. We transparently make the background transparent at a budget-friendly price.

Creating white and colorful background

White background is very important in displaying products in your online store. When you use white background, it shows the details of your products. It easily attracts the attention of your clients and makes them feel motivated and enthusiastic to purchase. But when it comes to branding, you have to go for a colorful background. With the branding factor in mind, you need to design our home page, about us page, section pages with solid background color. We convert backgrounds from color to white and white perfectly for e-commerce products and pages.

Background replacement

As a pro photographer you can take lots of photographs. Whether it's lifestyle photography, portrait photography, event photography, real estate photography or any other genre of photography, you can take shots with inappropriate backgrounds. Our Background Replacement or Background Swap Service comes here play we replace dirty and flashy backgrounds with appropriate and impressive backgrounds to satisfy our clients.

Background Blurring

After you take shots of models, landscapes or events, you often encounter problems with confusing elements in the background. Sometimes, there may be elements in the background that may be irrelevant to the subject. We offer background blur service to solve these kinds of problems easily and smoothly. Since then, we have maintained the required depth of field and come up with the desired focus on exactly how you innovate.

Advanced background editing

A lot of the time after you shoot a photography, it’s very common for some of your shots to have your medium background. Plus, they have issues related to exposure, color, contrast, and shade that make your photos look completely dull. As part of our advanced background editing or manipulation services, we adjust color, contrast, as well as exposure, add or delete shadows as needed, and even transform the entire background environment to give the photo an enchanting look.

Background Merging

Background Merging is a special attraction of our image background and editing services. Sometimes, after taking snaps, you can request to be creative and add an artistic touch to your photoshoot. With this service we take several backgrounds and merge them into one photo in such a way that it looks both interesting and real. We blend individual backgrounds and make the composition so perfect that no merging lines appear in the photo.

We apply the method to remove the background from the images

There are multiple ways to remove backgrounds from images but we basically use the way of lifting and image masks to touch the skills of our background removal professionals. To get an idea of ​​these two methods, do not leave without skimming the following parts-

Apply clipping path to remove background

To remove the background of an image, we basically use the clipping path technique. In the process on the way to clipping, we cut a 2D image using the pen tool from Photoshop to bring out a perfect output. First, our professional photo editors draw a path to the edge of a subject. When the path drawing is complete the background of the image is removed and the subject remains as part of the image.

Clipping paths are usually applied to photographs that have objects like tables, chairs, manicures, etc. with hard and smooth edges to provide better output, we classify the clipping path into 6 different parts based on the difficulty of the product - basic, simple, medium , Complex, multiple and ultra-complex.

Apply image masking to remove background

When the clipping path technique is not sufficient to maintain perfection in the background cut-out, the image mask moves to a later stage. Image masking is a technique that we apply to soft and rough edged objects using pen tablets (WACOM) that enable you to select images with hand drawing and precision. The remaining parts with a hard edge are drawn and selected by the pen tool of Adobe Photoshop. To remove the background through image masking, the subject of an image is masked or hidden and the background is revealed. Once masking is done, the background is later removed.

There are many images that have complex shapes with curved and twisted, fuzzy and furry edges where the mask technique of the image is inevitable to get perfection in editing. For example, we apply different types of image masking techniques to cut the background depending on the need of an image like human hair, animal fur, feathers, blankets, smoke, flame, light, muslin, glass etc. These include layer masking, alpha channel masking, fur and hair masking, clipping mask, transparent masking, translucent masking, refined edge edge masking and color masking.

Background removal and editing services-required industry verticals

All types of product-based companies require more or less background removal and reconstruction services. However printing business as well as e-commerce and retail businesses need a lot of this special service. When e-commerce companies upload product photos for sales and promotional activities on their websites, they need to remove the background of their product photos and make the necessary touch-ups to ensure product consistency and appeal. As a result, buyers are more likely to shop.

When it comes to retail business they look for this service as a way to market their products both online and offline. When they create catalogs or user manuals, they look for image background removal and touch-up services to eliminate discrepancies and add complementary visuals to texts. There is also a huge need for pro-photographers as well as photo background cut-outs and editing services.

In cases where background removal and editing services are required-

·         If the background is not consistent and complementary to the subject.

·         When there are unwanted or confusing elements in the background.

·         Reconstruct products and highlight product descriptions to attract visitors.

·         If the goal is to draw attention to an object of priority.

·         When the goal is to achieve a transparent background.

·         To achieve a white background to meet the needs of online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Image editing services where we have removed the background-

There are several image editing services out there where we have cut out the image backdrop in order to get better output. These services include clipping paths, image masking, ghost manquin effect and shadow effects.

Image Background Removal and Editing Services  at Asia Clipping

We believe in exploring and trying new strategies to provide image background and reconstruction services. There are various tools and techniques available to separate the background from an image. Currently, however, the professional and best available way to remove the background is by way of clipping and masking the image.

We have a full team of background removal experts who have expertise in pen tools and pen tablets. They skillfully acquire these tools and eliminate backgrounds while maintaining the natural shape of the subject. As image quality deteriorates, we deploy automated tools to remove the background at the core. So, if you need premium image background removal and manipulation service, we can give it a try !!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of background is suitable for images on my website?

A: It depends on the type of your business, but if you work with products, we recommend using transparent backgrounds for product images.

I have a high amount of portraits and product photos that require background removal. What do you do?

A: Collect all your photos, compress them and convert them to a zip file, go to our "Upload Files" page and send via hightile or weight transfer. If you have an additional amount of photos beyond 500 GB, you will need access to our FTP server. Contact us to gain access and account details.

How do I judge the quality of your service?

A: If you are a new customer, you can take advantage of our "First Order Free" campaign by placing bulk orders.

What is your discount offer?

A: If you are a new customer, you will get 40% discount on your 2nd order. However, we are also offering 10-10% discount to our old customers as part of our "return offer" promotion.

What if I find errors in your photo background removal and editing services?

A: We maintain 6-step quality control system to ensure maximum quality. It still has flaws that can show it as human handiwork. If you find errors, just let us know and send the specific image. We will fix it for free and satisfy you.

Why should I get on the ship with you?

A: With us, you will get personalized services, bulk discounts and premium quality at a competitive price, so, don't miss the opportunity to run with us.



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Background Removal Service Category



Basic Background Removal Service is the primary level of Background Removal Service. These kinds of images are straight, simple round or small curved. There are no holes or tight curves in these images. Usually, Graphic Designers use 8 or fewer anchor points to edit these images. These images are very easy to edit and for this the clients have to pay a little payment. The image of Mobiles, Balls,R...




Simple Background Removal Service is the second level of Background Removal Service. Watch, T-shirt or shirt, shoes or pair shoes, small chain, ear ring, chair, motor parts etc are the example of Simple Clipping Path. These kinds of images have some holes and hard curves. Graphic Designers use some paths and anchor points to complete this work. We never use Magic Selection for background remove




Group shoes, group watches, motor parts, group rings, pair of shoes etc are the example of Medium Background Removal Service. These images have multiple holes and multiple curves so Graphic Designers use a great number of paths and anchor points to complete this Photoshop Service. Generally Medium Background Removal Service is harder than Basic and Simple Background Removal Services.




The photo of Chain’s, group people, furniture’s, group bracelet’s, furry doll’s, jewelry’s, net’s, group image’s, cycle’s are the example of Complex Background Removal Service. These images are very hard and complex. There are a great number of holes, hard curves, embedded transparency and many closed paths is these photos. Graphic Designers use a large number of anchor points and multi path to c...




Group photos with flying hair, fabrics, building fate, group bracelets, Furry doll, decorative chain, fence, trees and multiple dolls are the example of super complex background removal service. These images have a large number of holes and curves, fence, complexity, vertical, horizontal zigzag design. Graphic Designers need a large number of paths and anchor points to complete this Photoshop serv...




This Photoshop service is used for model hair, hairy wires, blankets, chiffon fabrics, muslin, etc. Actually, these kinds of photos have delicate edges with small pixels. Therefore, it is not possible to draw manual or hand drawing path. For these kinds of photos, Masking is the best method to remove background and replace a white or new background.



Background Removal Services Background Removal Services


Creating the perfect foundation is a great goal to sell or promote something, but it is not easy to achieve. Without the groundwork, the thing itself has a lot of focus. Background removal is an early rebuilding technique and it is used everywhere. Ordering this service online saves you a lot of time so these experienced photo shooters are very popular. The process consists of hidden rocks, for example, the background of the photos is vivid. If you plan on editing the photo later, the softer colors will suit you better. But this is only a beginning for the whole photograph enhancement process.


Creating Path is the first step to remove the background. Manual/ hand drawing is the best and most popular method to remove background from photo. If you have a perfect photo, you will need to replace some details or material to put it on the cover of a magazine or use it for advertising. Creating an outline of the object and creating it on an as-needed basis is your answer and your best tool for this is usually Photoshop.


Do you know what it is? If this word is unusual for you, you are going to find out. Masking means moving a shot from its background without changing any other element of the shot. If you want to work on something else, you can always outsource your image. For example, this service is usually applied when the issue is complicated with hair replacement or remove hair background. This can make your picture more natural. It is often used by graphical designers and other professionals in the field of art and marketing.

Background Removal Service

A background removal service is a retouching / image editing company that takes a photo from you, then cuts the clip, mask or background and returns the edited photo to you. In this guide we are specifically addressing product images. E-commerce photos. That means the front is the product and the background is the rest of the photo.

You may have heard of "background removal" which is called background knockout, cut-out, silhouette, etching, clipping or masking. Drawing clipping paths and layer masks do not necessarily remove the background, but it is a common procedure It should be offered.

In this guide we will cover what you need to know about background removal in general and then the questions you should ask when comparing background removal services.

Table of contents

What is the difference between a clipping path Service and background removal Service?

Why should your background be removed?

To sell in markets like Amazon

To create consistent images for your website

To reduce file size

To overcome obstacles

To replace it with another background

How can I remove the background from the product image?

Yourself, with software

Hire a freelancer

Hire in-house

Use a retouching service

Why Asia Clipping exists

How to compare background removal services?


Communication / Interface


Shadow and Basic Image Editing





Asia Clipping removes your background


What is the difference between a clipping path Service and background removal Service?

In Photoshop, clipping path service is a vector graphic that outlines an object like a trace around an edge. Clipping path Service is usually used for one of two purposes: to cut off an object or to wrap it around.

If you choose to clip your own images, your clipping service will return an image that you sent them looks still in the background! But if you open it in Photoshop, there will be a line drawn around your product which is all you have to do if you can quickly remove the background yourself.

A clipping path service gives you flexibility for the future but if you know you want to remove the background you can probably go all the way from the bat. Or use a service that does both: for each input, outputs an image with a clipped image and background removal.

Why should your background be removed?

To sell in markets like Amazon

Amazon, eBay and others need white or neutral backgrounds. If you cut-out the original background, you can replace it with a pure white that looks both loyal and good.

To create consistent images for your website

Even if you have a professional photo studio for your e-commerce photography, there will be differences in images from different shoots. Background removal creates a consistent, easy browsing website.

To reduce file size

Replacing the original background with removed white reduces the byte size of the image. Smaller images, faster loading, better experience.

To overcome obstacles

Even when shooting on a simple white background, footprints, props or shady visuals in the background can be attached. You don’t want to confuse anything from your product.

To replace it with another background

Usually, it means white. However, it can also mean using different colored backgrounds for pop or putting a product in a different context. For example, taking a photo of a car in the parking lot and then replacing the parking lot with an open road.

How can I remove the background from the product image?

How to: Photoshop is a clear tool, but you can do it with native or free applications like Mac Preview, GIMP or

Pros and Cons: Tools are free or low cost ($ 10 / mo for Photoshop) but cost time.

Hire a freelancer

How: You can rent remote receivers through services like Upwork, Fiber and If there is an ongoing need and you want someone local, you can hire a contractor through Real, LinkedIn and Glassdoor. But now you can contact with real freelancer/ web-based freelancer.

Professionals and Cons: You can make a fortune in talent, but hiring is usually a trial-and-error gamble and managing is a pain. Every time you hire someone new you have to repeat the driven drive.

Hire in-house

How: You can hire a local retoucher through the same job site as a local contractor (actually, LinkedIn, Glasdor).

Professionals and Cons: You will get consistent results, communicate well and maintain control. However, it is expensive, and since the volume of the image bursts from season to season, your retargeters are often overloaded or lazy.

Use a rebuild service

A rebuild service like Asia Clipping lets you upload product images and edit them as you need, including removing the background. You can find them on Google or get a referral from a photography professional you trust.

Professionals & Cons: You usually pay per image cost and agree on turnaround time and correction process. A good service will provide consistent results including easy online management, predictable low cost and seasonal scale. The challenge is finding the right service: a bad one is like hiring a freelancer, just add a management middleman ((here you can compare the cost of different background removal services)

Why Asia Clipping exists

Asia Clipping exists as a retouching service because the founder of our e-commerce agency found the first three background removal options (DIY, freelancer and in-house) unsatisfactory and did not find a good rebuilding service.

The outsourcing world is full of broken promises, and no one is using technology to create real, scalable post-production systems.

It was not only promising the business manager a background cut for nickel, but also freelancers fun packing in a warehouse with Photoshop if they could get hired.

So we created an easy-to-use frontend for order management and then created an assembly line system for efficient and consistent reconstruction of images. But let’s not just be arrogant ourselves, remove the background and consider the services in general.

How to compare background removal services?


The search results are going to be engaged in globally committed Indian clipping services. “One cent! 1 million images in 1 minute! 111% success rate! “They will make any commitment to make the deal.

But the best prediction of future results is past results. So check out who the service is actually working with and what they say: see reviews, case studies, testimonials.

Logos can have a wall. That’s fine, but take it with a grain of salt: these can be taken without approval, or they edited 5 images for a juvenile section 3 years ago. Testimonials say a lot more.

For example, the Asia Clipping Consumer Review page includes authorized quotes directly responsible for individuals of brands, case studies support them. You can also view our 800+ image editing reviews on TripPillet, a third party review service.

Communication / Interface

For your background removal service to be easy to use, there needs to be a well thought out and designed online interface. Cobbling Dropbox folders, emails, Skype calls and spreadsheets together didn't just cut it. The idea is to save time, not to move people from editing images to editing images.

This is especially true when placing orders, requesting reconsideration, and arranging for delivery of orders.

For example, in Asia Clipping, we have a setup guide for "Specifications", which is basically a style guide on how we will edit your images. Easy order placement via online upload, FTP, or a url list in various formats once your specification is setup.

After editing an order, you will be notified and will be able to review your order online. Markup tools allow you to highlight any problem areas and send them for review if necessary.


The 24-48 hour turnaround is a general promise and quite fast. There is no real reason to be less stable than this.

All you need to consider is the need to rush orders from time to time. How to run?

Calling or emailing can be a problem for outsourced services, as these methods rely heavily on customer support. Even if you're able to connect instantly, walk out of the service manager, find editors working on specific images, tap on their shoulders, and click "No, do it now

An online expeditious system, where you simply click on an image or order it to be crowded, is much simpler. This type of feature is made possible by having an automated traffic control system. Asia Clipping-Owned Manufacturing Systems, SAW. Is, which enables us to accelerate 3 hours in a certain number of images a day.

Shadow and Basic Image Editing

It is best to preserve the actual shade of your product when you take pictures. A good background removal service should keep shadows when cutting the rest of the background.

If you don't have a nice original shade or you have a different look, a good service allows you to add natural shadows ("natural" means it falls naturally, even if the product doesn't cast it)), drop shadows, or reflection shadows .

You should be able to get basic image edits like cropping, compression, alignment, padding, margins, etc.


By “reconstruction” I mean combinations such as crease and bolirink reduction, shape, symmetry, smoothing, dirt removal, skin rejuvenation, stacking and invisible mannequins, and other more advanced reconstruction techniques.

If you do not need to rebuild now, it is a good idea to consider the possibility when choosing a background removal service.

That way, if you want to add it in the future, you don't have to change services or renew your workflow.


Maybe today you only need to process 50 images. But if you need 500 in one week, 5000 in the next month and now you know how many in a year?

Make sure your background removal service can grow with you.

This means you should consider questions like:

How long does it take for new photo editors to ship?

Is there any way to keep the burden of management down as your size increases?

Does the service show the mindset and technical skills to solve new technology solutions?

For example, Asia Clipping uses AI at a constant cost and turnaround speed while increasing quality. We also use the tools of online photo editing experts to run online as compared to traditional outsourced retouching.


Make sure you consider Total Expenditure Management (TCO). This means the price per image, of course, but also factors in boarding time, market time, scale and operating times.

It’s easy to get to the bottom of that race when it comes to pricing. However, if you take the lowest bid, you are going to regret it (you can calculate the actual cost of rebuilding using the Asia Clipping Reconstruction Cost Calculator).

First, they probably won’t be able to deliver. Not timely or standardized at all. And secondly, it could probably be a nightmare boarding and management situation where you would lose more time managing the service than the time to remove the background.

TCO Case Study is an image editing service featuring Bestseller, a fast-selling fashion company that sells more than 20 unique fashion brands, 3000 chain stores, and more than 15,000 multi-brand and department stores.


I’m sure protection at this stage isn’t your first concern, but it should be considered as a scale of something you don’t want to take the risk of image theft, business secret theft, infection or hacking. You can use our free seller risk profile resource to evaluate potential sellers.

Asia Clipping removes your background

Asia Clipping was built to be a simple, efficient, reliable background removal service. Our founder ran an e-commerce company and couldn't find a service that would meet their needs, so they spent a decade developing Asia Clipping.

The hybrid of our expert product image editor and artificial intelligence gives comparative results, including all edits conducted in the Photoshop assembly line. It is faster, cheaper and of higher quality than any other background removal service. We do more than just remove the background - if you need it. And it's built to scale.


Background Removal Services Background Removal Services

Asia Clipping is one of the best Photoshop service providers. We have been serving around the world for about 10 years. We provide the best photo background removal service for fashion photography.  If you are a professional model and you want to look your photos amazing on the magazine’s sheets, own online page, Instagram or other side and want to get a good result. Background remove is very needed and helpful for you. It makes your photo more attractive and charming. It makes your photo likes a celebrity. Asia Clipping provides you best photo editing service.


  Creating Path                           Shadows dropping

  Masking                                  Removing unwanted object

  Background removing              Developing skin

  Borders fixing                          Clothes smoothening  

  Borders fixing                          Photo color correction   

  Simple retouching (removing dust)         

                                                           Our Image Background Removal Services:

Changing the background is a great professional way to enhance the image of your image for your business or any other purpose, which makes the image delight the viewer. So visitors can get a clear glimpse of the products / topics displayed in e-commerce or magazines or any other media like company brochures. The Photo Background Removal Service is a necessary editing process for many advertising agents, photographers, stores, portrait photographers and many others in the designing industry.

Removing Existing Background: This image manipulation is the process of removing the background that exists in a raw image taken, i.e. to cut the background of an image and place the product or subject in the image, which then highlights the product / subject individually.

Adding White Background: Transparent Backgrounds Service is another great service provided by Asia Clipping, this method is to cut a path around the selected part of the image and leave a transparent background, which is a great way to stack multiple products side by side. To create, collages of multiple products in the image.  Another purpose of a transparent background is to convert the file to PNG format, which is then easy to use for portraits, headshot reconstruction, modeling, or a clear view of the product in texts in magazines. It is also known as photo masking service.

Adding Transparent Background: The White Backgrounds Service is a great service provided by Asia Clipping to enhance your product image in a more prominent way. It is basically a process of removing the background and turning it into a white surface, which makes the subject / product different for the viewer to easily understand.

Adding Any Custom Background: Adding a custom background to an image is an impressive way to enhance the quality of an image, because you've snapped a portrait shot of a friend or person and the background seems dull or doesn't match your needs, image background Removal Services To solve this complexity, our expert designers are here for you for the photo cut out service to transform the background into any desired background of your choice. This method is a great way to beautify your image with a great background.


Background Removal Services Background Removal Services

Background Removal Service for online sellers is very vital and effective. If you are an online seller, this service is very useful for you. Generally, if we want to sell our products online, we upload the pictures of our products on online site. But if the photo of our product is unclear, ugly and dusty, it will not be able to attract the customers. As a result, our products will not be sold. So there is no alternative to retouch the photos and make the products more attractive. If you imagine you will continue your business with ugly and dusty picture then you are living in the state of fool. 


ü  Background removal

ü  Borders fixing

ü  Shadows dropping

ü  Photo color correction

Who needs the Image Background Removal Service?

In short, any ecommerce retailer can benefit from image background removal services. This is a tedious task to do, especially in large batches of images. It is important to pay close attention to edited photos that look realistic and will persuade customers to purchase.

Removing the image background allows ecommerce companies to disassemble the product and remove any obstructions from the frame. This helps to create a uniform, consistent look for all product photos on your site. This, in turn, creates a predictable and simple user interface that will help online customers see and buy your products.

Print is also used to remove the background of the image. Free from any clutter of catalogs If you have created technical documentation or user manuals, you can remove irrelevant content from the image and create visual complements to the word on the page. This helps customers to use your product more easily.

Whether you have a single image or a huge batch from your latest photo shoot, professional photo background removal services can help you focus on the real issues in your business: needle removal.

When to use background removal  

  • To comply with requirements of online marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay
  • When the background is distracting or takes focus away from the subject of the image
  • Showcase the details of your product and make it stand out
  • Draw attention to an object in the foreground
  • If you need to isolate and show specific features of a product or object
  • Create a uniform background on multiple images, such as a product catalog or ecommerce store
  • To achieve a transparent background

When not to use background removal  


  • The existing background provides great context for the object
  • If you can use lighting and backdrops to create white background product photos when you shoot

Image Background Removal Services at Asia Clipping

After testing various tools and techniques, we discovered that we could achieve the most viewed product photos, including clipping paths or advanced Photoshop masking. We are constantly testing new techniques and tools to make sure we are using the latest and most advanced methods.

Our professionally trained graphic designers have many years of experience in providing image background removal services. We are masters of the Photoshop pen tool, which allows us to define highly precise clipping paths. We zoom in on your images by about 300% as we draw each clipping path. This enables us to keep enough anchor points to retain the natural shape of the object. Having too many or too few anchor points results in inadequate photo cut-outs and images that do not show life in Unlike many other photo background removal services, we do everything by hand. We can avoid using tools like Magic Wand for quick selection and path making. We’ve seen, automatically, the results of automation and tools and how it can hurt your reputation and your brand.