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Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequin Service Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequin Removal Service is one kind of Photoshop service. It is also known Neck joint Service or Ghost Mannequin Service or image back part joint service. Mannequin is being used instead of model to create 2D, 3D effect of various clothing product items for online purposes. Neck joint Service or ghost mannequin removal service is vital especially for garment products such as T-shirts, shirt, trousers, tops, coat, jackets, pants, cardigan, swimming coat other garment items.

Generally, the online seller hires a Model and photographer for marketing purposes. Model wear their product especially garments products and photographers take photos under owner direction. But now, online seller uses Mannequin or dolls instate of a model. Photographer takes three photos of a product, the front site, the back side and the inside. Later, Graphic Designer removes the doll or mannequin and joins the front site, back site and neck part and finally creates a photo.   

Ghost Mannequin Removal Service is an art and science of Photoshop service that is works specifically for photo restoration and image enhancement. Nick joint Service is very popular because it is much more effective for commercial photography. It makes a photo more natural and attractive. Nick Joint or Ghost Mannequin Service’s main purpose is to remove doll or mannequin and join the nick perfectly.

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Neck Joint/Ghost Mannequin Category

Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin:

Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin: Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin:

Neck joint service also is known as mannequin removal service. Its main work is to remove the mannequin, then joint the neck. Generally Photographer has to take three or two photos (front part, back part and inner part) of a product with mannequin. Then the graphic designer makes a final picture by removing the mannequin and joints three pictures. Neck joint service is required for T-shirts, shirt...


Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin:

Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin: Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin:

Bottom Joint Service is required for these products which bottom back part is longer than bottom front part. In this service, the graphic designer first removes the bottom mannequin and then joints the bottom back part. This service is needed for T-shirts, sweaters, shirts, jackets etc. Sometime graphic designer add 3D shape to the beauty of the products. Asia Clipping provides you this service at...


Sleeve Joint on Ghost Mannequin:

Sleeve Joint on Ghost Mannequin: Sleeve Joint on Ghost Mannequin:

Sleeve Joint is another service of Photoshop. This technique is required for long sleeve product such as t-shirts, shirts, jackets, dress, hoodie, coat, uniform, sleeve top etc. Firstly, Graphic Designers remove mannequin of the hollow part of the sleeves, then they join the sleeve or apply shadow to get perfect hollow. The Designers also apply 3D effect to make the product more eye-catching, attr...


3D/360° Packs Hot Ghost Mannequin Effects:

3D/360° Packs Hot Ghost Mannequin Effects: 3D/360° Packs Hot Ghost Mannequin Effects:

3D/360° Ghost Mannequin Effects service is a fantastic and finest Photoshop service for Neck Joint or Ghost Mannequin Service. It looks like animation video or 3D animation. Actually, the graphic designer creates a 3D effect on all kind of product’s photo. After joining the neck, inside, sleeves, bottom and hem the designer give a 3D effect. This service increases the beauty of product and makes t...


Ghost Mannequin Removal Service Require For

Ghost Mannequin Service Ghost Mannequin Service

Neck joint Service or ghost mannequin removal service is very important for online garment industry owner, professional photographer or magazine business owner or Clipping Path Company or image editing service provider or professional photographer or Clipping Path Company. The term is also known as a combo, mix or montage that is related to clothing. This service is very well known to photographers who take photographs of garments with the ghost standard.

Ghost Mannequin Service or Neck Joint Service is mostly used in garments photography. Think you're an online seller.  You want to sell some new brand T-shirts. So naturally, you have to display your product on your site for the customers. You take a photo of the T-shirt with Mannequin. But these photos are not so suitable and eye-catching to take the attention of your customers. In this situation Ghost Mannequin Service could help you to get the best result. You have to take three photos of the T-shirt- front side, backside and inner side. Then, you use Adobe Photoshop software to edit these pictures. First, you have cut out these pictures from the background. You also have to cut out the mannequin or doll. Later joint these pictures with one another perfectly. Thus you can get a 3D or 2D photo. This is called Ghost Mannequin Removal Service or Neck Joint Service. If you are not an expert at Photoshop designing, you can take the help of a designer.

By using this service or tools, you will get perfect photos that help you to increase your marketing and sales. Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint service gives you a natural, attractive and eye-catching picture and you can catch the attention of your customers.

Ghost Mannequin Removal Service For Commercial Purpose

Ghost Mannequin Service Ghost Mannequin Service

The garments industry, especially e-commerce site show and sell their products online. Nowadays, different entrepreneurs choose online as a platform for selling their products. But it is not easy to draw the attention of the customers until they become a great or well-known brand. Displaying the product properly is crucial for gaining the attraction and motivating of the customers to buy the products. Product’s photo is different in size and color so they need to edit before display on a website.

Most e-commerce sites rely on models or dummies to visualize their clothing as it offers the buyer a great understanding of what the garment will look like when they wear it. Depending on a mannequin is not so well because it looks unpleasant and unattractive. That is why the mannequin should be cut out when they display a product on an e-commerce website.

Attractive image help you to get more traffic and sale which means more money for your business. If you are an online seller, Mannequin Removal Service or Neck Joint Service is perfect for you.  Generally, Photographers use plastic mannequins instead of human bodies to save costs. Using the neck joint service it is possible to shoot several products within a short period. The value of the time is not for photographers rather than graphic designers; they are able to combine these raw images front image and interior image / neck and remove the Photoshop doll and studio background that give the product a real look. Photographers using various graphic design companies can easily accomplish these tasks at a very competitive price.

Ghost Mannequin Removal Service At Asia Clipping

Ghost Mannequin Service Ghost Mannequin Service

In the twenty-first century of the garments business, you need to display your products online on e-commerce websites, magazines, and billboards to attract consumers. Customers who buy products online always want to see both the outer and inner part of the cloth in good shape.

If you present the cloth with the help of mannequin, the inner part of the cloth can’t be seen. On the other hand, without mannequin the cloth is look odd and unfit. The folds really look bad and unattractive. So seller need cloth the inner part without visible of any part of mannequin. This work is done by Ghost Mannequin Service where Mannequin and unwanted gears are removed by a professional and experienced Photoshop graphics designer. Neck Joint Service or Ghost mannequin service has become a buzzword in the e-commerce industry. People want a more comprehensive way of presenting their products online, and the Neck Joint Service or Ghost mannequin service is the definitive solution.

Our skilled and experienced Photoshop Designers will help you to develop your product’s photo. Whether, you need Ghost Mannequin Removal Service or Neck Joint Service or other Photoshop Service. Asia Clipping is always with you. As a professional photo editor, we provide the best service. Clients love to look the best result and we love to see their smile face. We believe us so you can believe us.