Most consumers in the online market prefer products presented on a white background. Busy photographers who work with many clients may not get a white background for all of their photos and this can be complicated. It is worse if the subject has hair or fur. However, you do not need to edit all these photos by yourself as you can save your stress by handing over the work to one of our experts. Image Masking Service in Colorado, USA

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One thing to pay attention to is that all the photos you produce must be reflected and whether you need them for print or digital use it is the current market customers demand to see better photos, so that your clients can beat the photos badly. You can easily attract the attention of your clients if you pay attention to detail to produce the best quality photos. With over 8.5 million images fully edited, we are ready to continue distributing professionally edited photos.

What is image masking?

Image masking is a helpful image editing technique that helps to remove the background of images with hair or fur. It captures fine details of fur and hair, which cannot be edited using clipping paths. In the case of image masking, advanced Photoshop skills are required. Clipping Path Service in Canada

This process calls for patience, time and efficiency. The process is labor intensive, but the output will be worth the effort and help your brand enjoy the benefits. Each strand is included in the finished figure without distorting any part.

If you want to do it yourself, be sure to first understand some of the important Photoshop tools and techniques available that you can use. You need to use background eraser tools as well as color separation techniques or both to get the perfect edited photo that can enhance your store image online. Professional Photo Editing Service

Also remember to be consistent with the products you use on your website and this is especially important where you are using third party sites like eBay and Amazon. Make sure they comply with their product photo guidelines (we have provided a reference to the product photo guidelines for the various online marketplaces that may get you started)). Image Masking Service in Colorado, USA

How many kinds of masking services?

Layer Masking

Hands-on high quality manual photo shopping. The masks are applied directly to the level using the soft and refined edge with the pen tablet. Use it to remove background or isolated objects Prices may vary depending on complexity and time requirements.


Alpha channel Masking

Separates the object from the background, then we save it as an alpha channel to edit brightness, contrast, exposure, etc. Its file is light for uploading / downloading. Single color background is perfect for masking this photo.


Fur & Hair Masking

When the clipping path technique is insufficient to refine an image consisting of fur and hair, we use the image masking technique. While the fur and hair are smooth with soft edges, we apply masking to separate the fur and hair from the background of your figure. To sharpen the image, we also solve touch exposure problems from color, contrast and brightness to bring a natural appearance.


Refine Edge Masking

When it comes to perfect selection, especially for soft and smooth edged objects, the refine edge is the C-to tool. For preliminary selection, however, we use one of Photoshop's selection tools, such as the Pen tool or Quick selection tool. Then, we make a layer mask, fix the layer mask and finally refine the edge mask. The tool enables us to naturally present an image like fur, hair, blankets, dolls, trees, etc.



Transparent object Masking

For transparent objects such as glasses, bottles, glass jars, pure water and lenses, selection with the help of pen tools does not ensure fulfillment. The technique of masking a transparent image is second to none, to separate the transparent subject from the background of an image and to use it in a consistent background. It is a non-destructive method and retains the originality of color. Image Masking Service in Colorado, USA


Translucent object Masking

The difference between transparent and landscape objects lies in the clarity and visibility of the materials. Transparent substances can pass through partial amounts of light and allow partial image formation. To differentiate the subject from the backdrop of maximum value retention, we apply transparent image masking to images featuring icy glass, sunglasses, tinted windows, wax paper, etc.


Object Masking

In object masking, the inappropriate part of an image is selected with a quick selection tool and then removed by applying masking using a layer mask. Very useful for removing distortion of object masking images. Image Masking Service in Colorado, USA


Color Masking

To avoid blank lines, an image cut across the edges or outline instead of 1 or 2 pixels inside is a color mask. Designers then apply various effects such as color and exposure correction, reconstruction etc.

Who need image masking services?

If you want to remove the background of an image with fur or hair, you need to use advanced Photoshop techniques and tools to get the right results. This is how masking services come to you to get clearer results than the way of clipping. The process involved however is worth spending every minute on the results, especially when making large batches. If you want to get a real look at the edited photos, make sure to pay attention to the details. Image Masking Service in Colorado, USA

Through image masking, photographers can separate the product and get rid of confusion in the frame. The process helps to create a uniform and consistent look across product photos for your brand and can be used for print and digital. Professional image masking services are ideal for single image as well as large size production.

Why need image masking services?

There are many different uses for image masking. Some advanced uses for background removal are discussed here. The photo masking technique for soft edges of an image such as human hair, beaded clothes, dolls, etc. is applied to remove or replace the background of the image in conjunction with the clipping path technique. For hard edges, the clipping path technique is used; For furry or soft edges, masks are used. In situations where it is not possible to obtain a more accurate description of the soft edge with the clipping path technique alone, the photo masking method is asked to separate the object from the background. Image Masking Service in Colorado, USA

We apply this to the product or object that has the closest color background to the object color. Background To separate the product from the background with natural soft edges, we use the pen tablet (WACOM). With this method we can easily mix hard regions and soft regions. The accuracy of the product edge mix depends on the size of the air brush and the sketching pressure.


Image masking services by AsiaClipping

Each image you need requires individual and unique input. That’s why we spend time carefully analyzing each photo to understand the most appropriate method to use when editing. In most cases, a high-quality image calls for the application of multiple techniques and tools, including background eraser tools, channel masks, color separation, and hand-drawn clipping paths. We don’t submit work until the images come with smooth and sharp edges with each small detail capture.

Our skilled photo editors and designers specialize in various fields of photo editing size all images are professionally edited and our single focus is on quality and providing our clients with their satisfaction and due satisfaction. All of this is done at a turnaround that is reasonable and the price is affordable for most budgets. Image Masking Service in Colorado, USA

Unlike many image masking services out there, all our work goes hand in hand. Automation is not a reliable solution and can distort images, so we make sure that all images are done with dedication to achieve the right quality. Current customers focus on market quality and when you create good quality images, you keep your brand for success, so working on Clipping Path India is a sure way to increase your brand’s performance.