Basically, background removal is a process by which any photo content is separated by clearing the resting place. The process results in a cleaner and simpler image that helps to emphasize the point. Such services are mostly used in ecommerce and the use of clear white background product photos has become the norm in the industry, in part because many online marketplace salespeople, such as Amazon, claim to include white backgrounds in product images.

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Background Removal Service Background Removal Service Background Removal Service

How image background removal works

The method you choose to remove the background of an image depends on the subject and how technical or advanced the editor's skills are. AsiaSlippings uses clipping paths to effectively remove backgrounds from images but in some cases we also use Photoshop masking, for example when the subject has hair or fur.

Clipping Path: Clipping Path is a manual removal technique that also achieves accurate results. It gives a natural look line which helps to enhance the realistic qualities of the photos. This process uses the Pen tool from Photoshop when removing backgrounds and works best if the photo is zoomed in to capture small details.

Image Masking: Hair or furry photos can be edited using Photoshop tools and techniques. All you can use are background eraser tools, separation techniques and magic eraser tools. You can also work with a combination of all of them to get the perfect result.

When doing this yourself, you need to maintain your consistency with the type of product photos you use in your vendor profile. Most third-party platforms, such as Amazon, have made it a rule that all sellers must comply with product photo guidelines (we provide a reference to product photo guidelines for the various online marketplaces you can get started with))

Before you add color to the background, you should consider how the colors can affect online shoppers. You need to check if your products are admirable and if they are able to persuade people to buy. The colors you choose must resonate with the mission of your brand.

Who need background removal services?

Background removal services are ideal for people who want to promote products using images. It is important to pay attention to detail when editing photos by removing the background and this is especially necessary if large batches are involved. The photos must look realistic so that customers can understand.

Ecommerce companies can use image background removal services to separate the product and get rid of the frequently encountered obstacles along the frame. Background removal creates a consistent, uniform look for all product photos on a site and as a result it helps to bring a predictable pattern that helps consumers purchase your product.

Using the most advanced tools, we constantly test new technologies and various strategies to enhance our service delivery.

AsiaClipping work with a pool of professionally trained graphic designers who have many years of experience in editing images, especially providing background removal services. In our editing process we zoom in to get the best description of the image, this is something that gives us a good anchor point on which to maintain the natural shape of the object. All our work is done by hand and no automated process is applied, so our work is done with the highest level of accuracy.

Many consumers today prefer quality and that is why at Asia Clipping we are proud to provide services that are anchored to the quality of the finished product, regardless of the amount of message editing you need.


People who are working with photographs need this service the most. We've worked with both individuals as well as companies, fashion houses, etc. Amazon images on their site. Also, the rules are strict enough that you can’t avoid them. Background removing services are very important in online shopping sites like AmazoneBayAliexpressFlipkart, etc.

Every e-commerce sector, advertising firm, digital marketing platforms, model firms, photography institutes need this service to give their image a professional look and to stand in the competition.

We, at your service, are always clipping Asia there. We have 150+ professional designers to process your image background. With over 10+ years of experience in this market we always try to encourage your business with our creative work. Let's try it for free !!


In our images, the background plays an important role. And there is a big difference between "good image and good image". We can all shoot good pictures with our bare hands. However, if we want to make our photo better or better, we have to strictly follow a few things. These are color, frame, exposure, white balance and background. Background is one of the key elements to make your photos look better.

Are you selling things online on eBay, Amazon or Google Shopping? You need to remove your photo background from your product photos. The reason is that these sites do not allow in-camera raw images. We use the background removal service to cut photos or remove unwanted backgrounds. And, adapt your product image to represent it on e-commerce websites. Often, you will have a photograph with a nicely perfect subject with a sub-side environment.

Sometimes, you have a great shot of a product that confuses the scenery or objects. In other cases, you just have to differentiate to use a few more digital photo combinations! - Probably can be solved quickly, efficiently and cheaply using CPC. Deep etching, clipping mask and clipping path services as well as our background removal are here to help you. And, you will need them to get your projects resolved.

Background Removal Service Background Removal Service Background Removal Service

Easy Removing

Easy to move to an initial background removal service where the subject has anchor points, slight curves and a few paths. Asia Clipping gives you a starting price of 29 0.29 and we can deliver more than 5000+ images per day. Also, there are various holes or embed clarity. Services include products such as mobile phones, boxes, packets, bottles, shoes, etc. Background removal is mostly used in e-commerce business. We offer professional work at affordable prices with up to 50% discount on bulk orders. Hurry up now and try to use


Medium Removing

Difficulties in the second stage of moderate removal background removal services. There are many anchor points in the product image here and the intermediate level clipping paths have the required multiple paths. Typically, images have a lot of holes or embedded clarity. Group shoes, group watches, bracelets, chairs, motor parts, ring groups, group meals, T-shirts, nets etc. are in this service section. Our starting price is 0.79 and we can deliver over 5000+ images per day. Try us out today

Advance Removing

Transparent or white custom image background in Photoshop as an advance object is a complex clipping path service for images. Because these are so high and so accurate. Items include chains, group guys, flower baskets, furniture, bracelet groups, ferry dolls, jewelry, nets, group images, chakras, fences, fabrics, gates, trees, etc. Products include complex shapes and lots of holes. So, they need a lot of off path. Our starting price is $ 2.50 and we can deliver more than 5000+ images per day. Take our free test



After working on several projects like Amazon, eBay, Ali Express, we have accumulated skills and experience in this service. We are still working for them and we know how important this service is in this online shopping market.

First people notice the product, then go shopping online to buy more. So the competition starts with the quality of the picture. Background removal does the trick of making any image professional and impressive by adding appropriate backgrounds. When you use clipping path tools to move the image background, your image looks perfect and different

We have some hardworking, enthusiastic experienced designers to work on your images. We maintain the quality of your choice and deliver quickly. We believe in working side by side with our clients and give them no chance to complain. With our creative minds, we always try to give your business something extra. We offer four free trials to test our performance.