In graphic design, image masking services are one of the most popular and valuable services nowadays. A busy photographer cannot provide all the photos on a white background. If you are looking for the best image mask service then you are in the right place. Work with Asia Clipping, save your time and focus on growing your business.

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Basically, photo masking or layer masking is a photo editing technique that is applied to reveal some image or hide some part of an image. The clipping path is usually used to remove the background, but if the image has soft edges, outlines, many turns and turns, this is where the layer masking is needed. In particular, the subject when there are fur, smoke or human hair, glasses, feathers, flame, highlights, lights, chiffon, muslin, blankets; It needs to be sorted out in more detail, then Photoshop masking services are used for greater accuracy. NB: If the edge of your image is clear, if your photo and product have the same color in the background, you won't need image masking services. Image Masking Service in Ohio, USA



Asia Clipping provides a variety of professional image masking services for our esteemed clients. “We use graphic tablets to separate products from the background with natural soft edges. Using this method we can properly mix the soft and hard areas of the image. "" Here we are offering some image masking services:

1. Etching service

2. Alpha channel masking

3. Advanced or complex layer masking

4. Hair masking service

5. Fur masking service

6. Photoshop transparency masking

7. Multi masking service

8. Transparent image masking

9. Transparent object masking

10. Photoshop collage masking

11. All kinds of color masking services



There are various types of Photoshop image masking services such as flesh or hair masking, Photoshop masking, clipping masking, channel masking, alpha masking, transparency masking, image masking, color masking, layer masking etc. Different techniques and tools are used in Photoshop to perform masking of different types of images. Image Masking Service in Ohio, USA



Layer masking is a high-quality hand-made manual photoshop where the masks are applied directly to the surface using the soft and refined edge. Layer masking is indestructible. It can be changed, no permanent changes are made to the image, it can be easily rolled over to the initial look without any hassle. This refined edge masking is used to isolate an object or remove a background.


Alpha channel masking is a technique that involves making a mask, removing the background or removing the original image and saving it as an alpha channel for editing or adjusting brightness, exposure, contrast, etc. That's why male-snake is one of the soft edge images This image is needed to run masking. Channel masking makes the file smaller in size.


Sometimes it is necessary to remove the background from a transparent or translucent object and leave it in a different suitable background to get back the originality of the subject and make the color more visible. If you want to use your subject in another background, transparent object masking is the best way to do it. Clarity masking enables you to select the subjects of an image instead of the object to remove the background. Image Masking Service in Ohio, USA. Photo editing tips



This mask is quite a tough, delicate and laborious masking service because images of hair, fur and flesh usually have many curves, thin lines, soft edges. To mask these types of images, the clipping path cannot remove the background. That’s why fur and hair masking come into play in Photoshop to give the object a natural look.


This masking is used to create any edge perfectly. To create a soft, delicate and natural look to the edges, a photo mask and refined radius are used in Photoshop. Photoshop Refine Edge edge masking is used on fur, hair, fabrics, blankets, trees, dolls, edge masks and other objects.


This masking service is used for commercial purposes such as magazines, brochures, leaflets, catalogs and online websites. Collage masking is primarily used as background removal. For collage masking, the designer creates a collage with different images by copying and pasting together; Arrange the photos nicely to create a new and unique photograph. We may obscure or highlight the background at your request. Image Masking Service in Ohio, USA



Color masking is done by cutting the blank lines, cutting the edges of the image and applying the mask with random colors. Color is applied using pixels with color masking. Designers use RGB color elements for color but sometimes alpha color elements are used for custom pixel data. Color masking enables grayscale to be stored as an image.


To get more accurate details, clipping mask or photo masking is used:

1. Missing or soft edges of an image

2. Cutout or detach the object from the background

3. To turn off the background

4. Remove backgrounds and colors from images to transparent images

5. Create clarity to distort the converted image

6. Change or customize the background

7. Mask out the model

8. Individual product masking

9. Hair masking

10. Skin masking

11. Cast shadows on pictures


Like other photo editing services, the image masking service is used for business and commercial purposes such as magazines, brochures, billboards, leaflets, catalogs and online websites. Even photographers, fashion and catalog designers and e-commerce vendors as well as image masking services are needed. Even a professional photographer cannot shoot every photo perfectly. Disturbing elements can interfere with image quality. So, any photographer or fashion designer has to rely on photo masking services. If you are an e-commerce owner or agency, you also need image masking services to make your product more crisp, clear and attractive. If you have blurred product images, you must have a photo masking service. Also all other image editing services, image mask delivery services are used by Amazon sellers, realtors, online shops, photo studios, product catalogs and others. Image Masking Service in Ohio, USA



Asia Clipping is very committed to providing the best quality image masking service with fast turnaround time and fast deadlines. We have many years of experience over all kinds of  photo editing software and we provide all kinds of image multi-masking services to e-commerce companies, magazine and newspaper publishers, photographers, graphic design companies, catalogs and fashion design agencies. We have more than 500 skilled and experienced professional photo editing designers. We always ensure 100% client satisfaction. If you want to write your own instructions for image masking, feel free to write your own instructions.

Image Masking Service in Ohio, USA

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Asia Clipping offers photo editing services as an "per image" contact. If you have a bulk image that requires you to wear a professional image mask, we also give you a special discount. To get a special discount, contact us immediately. So, if you need an image masking service that separates part of an image, replaces the background, moves the subject to another background ... so contact us today and grab your special discount offer. We are always happy to help you.