Asia Clipping is an internationally renowned photo editing company with thousands of years of experience working with thousands of professional photographers, media organizations, e-commerce businesses and creative agencies to manage all their background removal services on a daily basis.

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Our dedicated team of expert graphic designers provide the best background removal services for customers around the world. This is one of our top features and we can handle thousands of images per day with just a few business day tours across all projects.

What is Photo Background Removal?

It sets the subject apart and gives the rest of the image a clear, solid, crystal clear background. It is often used in e-commerce, because product photos with a white background make the image sell well for customers who sell the product.

Our Photoshop service is not just for white backgrounds. It can also be a single color background, or to add a backdrop to an image that is relevant to the product or hand.

It is usually used to sell a product, so it is important to pay attention to detail in order to get edited images that are not artificial, and ultimately meant for your customers to buy.

Ranges of Background Removal Service We Provide

We use different methods like using Photoshop and other advanced editing software. Clipping paths and photo masking are a lot of the time, the most effective tools we employ for this particular service.

Customer pricing and editing techniques are based on the size of the subject and other complexities.

For example, an image of a product in a basic rectangular shape, like a mobile phone, is less complicated to edit than a picture of a bicycle, which has many angles and turns. If you have hair or fur in the picture, it requires more advanced editing tools.

Benefits of Image Background Removal:


The removal of any obstruction from the frame disconnects the sale of the product.

Creates a uniform, consistent look for all product photos on e-commerce sites or print catalogs.

Amazon Many online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay require images with solid white backgrounds.

Details draws attention to product descriptions and highlights specific features that might not otherwise be noticed.

Introducing a user-friendly interface when shopping online, making it easy for customers to get a better feel for the product when making a purchase decision.

Learn how to change Photoshop background color?

Why Choose AsiaClipping?

Unlike most other photo background removal services, we do everything by hand everything we avoid using subper tools like Magic Wand to make quick selections and paths. This is because the use of automation and amateur software results in poor quality images that can negatively affect your brand's reputation.

Let Asia Clipping handle all your professional photo editing, manipulation and retrieval needs. To get started, follow these 4 simple steps:

1. Use our free trial form - Use this form to upload one to two images that we will edit for free. This way, you can see a sample of our work before committing to a bulk background removal order.

2. Get the price quote - A director of our project will give you a custom price based on the size of your image and the complexity of editing. You can also use our pricing calculator to get instant quotes online.

3. Complete work order - We have the green light to start your project, we will go ahead now and deliver the finished work within the stipulated time frame.

4. Review your edited images - We'll alert you when your re-selected images are ready to download and review Let us know if you would like to include any additional changes if we offer unlimited free corrections.

Let's get started!

Contact us today so you can focus your time on growing your business while we create the perfect photos to increase your company's sales and bottom line.


Image Background Removal Service for Amazon, eCommerce, Photographers, Agencies




Image Background Removal Service Asia Clipping is one of the countless image editing services and is equipped with 100+ efficient photo editors 24 × 7 throughout the year to help you with your professional photo editing services. Our Removal Background Services This photo editing process for professional purposes is one of the best options to work on the image, where the background is removed from the image just to highlight the product or object. Another term used to describe this manipulation is the image cut-out service, where the process is tantamount to removing the background to enhance the product or subject. The whole purpose of this service is to highlight the product or topic more professionally for business purposes. Our image editing services are most important to any person or organization if they sell products on Amazon, eBay, Shopify and other marketplaces. Contact Asia Clipping for great affordable offers on outsourced photo editing and remodeling services.

Our Image Background Removal Services:


Changing the background is a great professional way to enhance your image for business or any other purpose, which makes the image delight the viewer. So visitors can get a clear glimpse of the products / topics displayed in e-commerce or magazines or any other media like company brochures. The Photo Background Removal Service is a necessary editing process for many advertising agents, photographers, stores, portrait photographers and many others in the designing industry.


Back Existing Background Removal: This image manipulation is the process of removing the background that is used to take a picture in a raw image i.e. to cut the background of an image and place the product or content in the image, which then highlights the product / subject individually.

Adding Trans Transparent Backgrounds: Transparent Background Service is another cool service offered by Asia Clipping, this method is to cut a path around the selected part of the image and leave a transparent background, which is a great way to keep multiple products side by side. Another purpose of a transparent background is to convert the file to PNG format, which is then easy to use for a clearer view of the product in subsequent portraits, headshot reconstruction, modeling, or text in magazines. It is also known as photo masking service.

Adding White Background: The White Background service is a great service provided by Asia Clipping that enhances your product image in a more prominent way. It is basically a process of removing the background and turning it into a white surface, which makes the subject / product different for the viewer to easily understand.

Any Adding a custom background: Adding a custom background to an image is an impressive way to enhance the quality of an image, because you've snapped a portrait shot of a friend or person and the background seems dull or doesn't match your needs, image background Removal Services To solve this complexity, our expert designers are here for you for the photo cut out service to transform the background into any desired background of your choice. This method is a great way to beautify your image with a great background.

Our Image Cutout Service also Provides Following Additions Tasks:

We offer other services such as image resizing, resizing and shading of your images and we also offer these Photoshop services at an affordable price.

Cropping and resizing for Amazon, Shopify, eBay, as well as your e-commerce website:

Many online markets such as, eBay, Shopify have specific image measurements for uploading images and all of our services make the necessary cropping and resizing according to the required specifications of the e-commerce site. Contact us for cropping and resizing your image which is offered in our service.

Shadow Making: Creating shadows for different products shows the quality of the image in a very realistic way and is attractive to the viewer. Shades can be classified into three categories as mentioned below

Shadow drop: Applying Drop Shadow Another way to enhance the image quality, drop shadow, also known as cast shadow, creates a floating effect of the product / theme. Drop shadows can be manipulated into different shapes according to the size of the subject and then give the image a cool perspective.

 Original Shadow: The main shade is the shadow that mimics the size of the product when shot with the right light setup but sometimes the shadow seems too shallow for the viewer and sometimes the shadow is light, so in this situation Photoshop can be used to create a natural shadow for your product , And in the community