How can I remove Background | Picture cut out from a image

A background removal service is a retouching / image editing company that takes a photo from you, then cuts the clip, mask or background and returns the edited photo to you. In this guide we are specifically addressing product images.  E-commerce photos that means the front is the product and the background is the rest of the photo.

You may have heard of "background removal" which is called background knockout, cut-out, silhouette, etching, clipping or masking. Clipping path and layer mask drawing is necessarily remove the background, but it is a common method to take and a good background removal service should be offered to do it.


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In this guide we will cover what you need to know about background removal in general and then the questions you should ask when comparing background removal services.

What’s the difference between a clipping path and background removal?

In Photoshop, a clipping path is a vector graphic that outlines an object like a trace around an edge. Clipping paths are usually used for one of two purposes: to cut off an object or to wrap it around.

If you choose to clip your own images, your clipping service will return an image that you sent them looks still in the background! But if you open it in Photoshop, there will be a line drawn around your product that will quickly remove itself if all you have to do is remove it.

A clipping path gives you flexibility for the future but if you know you want to remove the background you can probably go all the way from the bat. Or use a service that does both: for each input, outputs an image with a clipped image and background removal.

Why should you remove the background?

To sell on marketplaces like Amazon

Amazon, eBay and others need white or neutral backgrounds. If you cut-out the original background, you can replace it with a pure white that looks both loyal and good.

To create consistent imagery for your website

Even if you have a professional photo studio for your e-commerce photography, there will be differences in images from different shoots. Background removal creates a consistent, easy browsing website.

To reduce file size

Replacing the original background with removed white reduces the byte size of the image. Smaller images, faster loading, better experience.

To remove distractions

Even when shooting on a simple white background, footprints, props or shady visuals in the background can be attached. You don’t want to confuse anything from your product.

To replace it with another background

Usually, it means white. But it can also mean using different colored backgrounds for pop or putting a product in a different context. For example, taking a photo of a car in the parking lot and then replacing the parking lot with an open road.

How can I remove the background from product images?

How: Photoshop is a clear tool, but you can do it with native or free applications like Mac Preview, GIMP or

Pros and Cons: Tools are free or low cost but cost time.

Hire a freelancer

How: You can rent remote receivers through services like Upwork , Fiverr and If there is an ongoing need and you want someone local, you can hire a contractor through Real, LinkedIn and Glassdoor.

Professionals and Cons: You can make a fortune in talent, but hiring is usually a trial-and-error gamble and managing is a pain. Every time you hire someone new you have to repeat the driven drive.

Hire in-house


How: You can hire a local retouched through the same job site as a local contractor (actually, LinkedIn, Glasdor).

Professionals and Cons: You will get consistent results, communicate well and maintain control. However, it is expensive, and since the volume of the image bursts from season to season, your retargeters are often over burdened or inactive.

Use a retouching service

A rebuild service like Asia Clipping lets you upload product images and edit them as you need, including removing the background. You can find them on Google or get a referral from a photography professional you trust.

Professionals and Cons: You usually pay a fee for each image and agree on the turnaround time and the correction process. A good service will provide consistent results including easy online management, predictable low cost and seasonal scale. The challenge is finding the right service: a bad one is like hiring a freelancer, just add a management middleman ((here you can compare the cost of different background removal services)

Why AsiaClipping exists

Asia Clipping exists as a retouching service because the founder of our e-commerce agency found the first three background removal options (DIY, freelancer and in-house) unsatisfactory and did not find a good rebuilding service.

The outsourcing world is full of broken promises, and no one is using technology to create real, scalable post-production systems.

It not only promised the business manager a background cut for nickel, but freelancers jokingly packed it into a warehouse with Photoshop if they got hired.

So we created an easy-to-use frontend for order management and then created an assembly line system for efficient and consistent reconstruction of images. But let's not just be arrogant ourselves, remove the background and consider the services in general.

How to compare background removal services?


The search results are going to be engaged in globally committed Indian clipping services. “One cent! 1 million images in 1 minute! 100% success rate! “They will make any promises to make the deal.

But the best prediction of future results is past results. So check out who the service is actually working with and what they say: see reviews, case studies, testimonials.

Logos can have a wall. That’s fine, but take it with a grain of salt: these can be taken without approval, or they edited 5 images for a juvenile section 3 years ago. Testimonials say a lot more.


Do you want to change or remove the background of your photos? Are your photos suffering from dark spots and other spots in the background? Do you want to change the background color of your photos or do you want to change the background of your photo to a place of your choice? If so, you are in the right place.

Asia Clipping is a professional background removal service provider and has more than 16 years of industry experience in providing image background removal services. We have an exclusive photo editing team that uses the latest software to remove or change the background from different photographs and prepare them for further image editing if needed.

We offer background removal services

Asia Clipping has an exclusive team that can provide affordable background removal services for any number of images for individuals and businesses. We offer some of the most affordable offers today that reflect the level of satisfaction of our customers with fast change times and expert services. Our background removal services include -

1.     Background Removal Services

As a professional and reliable background removal service provider, we have the experience and expertise to remove or change the backgrounds of your photographs so that the final image is created the way you imagined.

2.     Background Cleaning Services

We also provide background-cleaning services, which are related to background removal services. With our background cleaning services we can pick up old and damaged images and touch them so that the backgrounds are clean and sharp, remove any stains and discoloration and make the necessary edits to make that image look the best it can. Our affordable outsourced background cleaning services get cost-effective and professional services.

3.     Removing Objects and People from a Background

When an image is "near perfect" and you need to remove some small part of it, we can delete that part and replace it with a realistic background.

4.     Changing the Background Color

We can change the color of a background or delete the background completely (which is popular with product photography and stock images).

5.     Adding or Removing Watermark

If necessary, we can carefully delete a watercolor from an image and replace it with the correct background. If you want your own watermark in the images, we can provide it too.

6.     Removing Dark Spots

Often used in background cleaning, we can take old photographs that may have faded and dark spots and restore them to look like new again.

7.     Background Editing

We also provide background editing services, so if you need to contrast the color of the edited image or make your image brighter or you have some other background editing that you want, we can also provide them.

8.     Background Editing for the Fashion Industry

We provide professional background editing services for the fashion industry. With our services, your fashion dress shots will look amazing. We provide high-end photo editing, portrait reconstruction, border fixing, shadow removal, fabric smoothing, shadow removal and hair masking services.

9.     Specialized Background Removal for E-commerce Sites

We can edit your photos and change the background of your photos for professional use on e-commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay. We have the experience and experience to use the clipping path by removing unwanted backgrounds to draw the buyer’s attention to the central object. We provide photo color correction, border fixing and shadow fix among others.

Here at Asia Clipping our team members have decades of image editing experience, our background removal and editing team saves you time and provide affordable services and experts at your fingertips.


Background Removal Process at AsiaClipping


We share our FTP details with our clients which facilitates file transfers and also ensures data protection. You can upload your images in .jpeg, .gif, .png or any other format of your choice. Alternatively, we also use cloud-based transfers to send / receive files


Once we receive the images, they are assigned to our image editing team who will perform background removal services and edit your images according to your needs. The team is given clear instructions and we make sure it meets all your requirements


The Asia Clipping Quality Assurance (QA) team inspects the quality at each stage of the project to ensure that the edited images meet the client's quality standards.


Finally, the edited images will be distributed to the clients in the format of their own choice

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Background Removal Services to AsiaClipping?

As a reliable and experienced background removal service provider we offer many advantages over other background editing outsourcing companies. Our process is specifically designed for client satisfaction and includes -

Thoroughly Trained Professionals


We only hire professional image editors who have enough experience in background editing and photography editing. Our team has a project manager to oversee each staff member and make sure your specifications are being met.

  Software and Infrastructure

From new to licensed image editing software (such as Adobe Photoshop, CS6, CC and many more) on high tech computers, we make sure our editors have access to everything they need to complete the editing process successfully.

 Timely Delivery

Most of our projects are completed in 24 to 48 hours. However the turnaround time may vary depending on the size, scope and complexity of your project. We have multiple distribution centers that enable us to complete and deliver your project within the stipulated turnaround time.

       Cost-efficient Services

Our pricing structure is tailored specifically to your budget. Our prices are extremely affordable, bulk order options are available and a variety of cost-effective solutions that keep you within budget.

     Commitment to Data Security

We believe that data protection is paramount. In addition to our internal security and privacy protocols, we use secure FTP and VPNO for file transfers, so you can be confident that your images are secure.

    Quality Finished Products

We are an ISO 9001: 2015 recognized company, which means you can be confident that we will deliver the final product in a way that complies with professional, international quality standards. The Asia Clipping Quality Assurance (QA) team ensures that all edited images are accurate and meet the client's expected quality standards.