What is a background removal service?

Image background removal service means to cut the original background of the photos so that we can use any color background as per our requirement. The required color can be one or more colors as background. This gives us the freedom to choose the color we want to use as the background of the image.

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Why do you need background removal services?

While we have the option to remove the background from the image, which increases the likelihood of the image being chosen as a background, nowadays white background products are mostly available for the world's largest e-commerce websites such as Amazon, eBay, Taobao, Walmart, Alibaba, Flipkart, NewGe, etc. It looks great as a required web design perspective and means the backdrop of an image during a photoshoot when we talk about the actual background.

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Who needs background removal services?

It is a little difficult to say who needs background removal services. Anyone can post their photo backgrounds or companies that work with different images every day and sell their products online. So, here’s how to remove the background of their products if you know how to draw clipping paths using the Pen tool in Photoshop, you can do it yourself or get help from the online automatic removal software AsiaClipping. We are talking about how to do background removal using the Photoshop pen tool because the only best way to do the clipping path is to draw around the edges of the subject in the image and easily select the image. Until the end, the products will be usable in any color background.

How to remove a background from an image?

There are some automated software or plug-in for removing backgrounds from images (people only) but still, they are not specific to the details found, especially for hair or fur areas. Even automated methods cannot detect products. From our experience, only Photoshop can provide 100% background removal results for photo editing services.

To remove the background using Photoshop, we select the pen tool and draw the path around the edge of the image by making anchor points and then attaching the last path. Now the way of clipping around the subject is selectable without removing or damaging the product description and the background has been removed. Backgrounds of any color can be used later. So, how can we guarantee product detail? Okay, when we do the clipping path we zoom the image around 300-400 percent. Therefore, the detail of the edge is seen and the path of the hand-made clipping is made and clipped. As a result, when eCommerce web stores display 100% cut-out images, nothing is missing from the original product. Since most photos are posted in e-commerce, we do the clipping path on a white background. Asia Clipping also reduces the size of the image but keeps the value. Also, it helps to browse products very fast even on low speed brand-wide internet.

Is there any automatic background removal software?

There may be some tools, but so far no automated software can completely remove the background.

Who can handle thousands of photos of background removal services in a timely manner?

Okay, you already know how to remove the background from the image but it is not good for a person to handle the clipping path or handling the clipping mask to remove the background. Also, it is good for you to have the habit of using Photoshop's pen tool to separate the background from existing Asia clippings through clipping paths. Moreover, for masking, it is a more advanced Photoshop technique that requires skill and time. Therefore, you can keep an eye on outsourcing companies that handle thousands of images per day and are also experienced in this background removal service. As a result, you can save your valuable time and money; Instead, you can focus on your business goals.

We are a medium-sized photo-editing company and can complete thousands of images of clipping paths or masking. You get the maximum benefit from us that we are available 24 hours a day, so you can contact us wherever you are.

https://asiaclipping.com/ https://asiaclipping.com/ https://asiaclipping.com/

How much does a background removal service cost?

Image editing services in developing countries like Bangladesh are very cheap at a glance. However, not all companies can provide you with outstanding quality services in a timely manner. So, before investing them on your own money you have to think, reasonable price to take background removal services from them. That’s why I would advise investors, please check some free before the deal and then look at the price list.

We provide both a free trial service and a reasonable price list for any background removal service and then we agree with the clients. We believe in giving our clients confidence and feel secure by creating long-term outsourcing partners for image editing services.


The process of removing the background

There are a lot of programs available in the market to remove background from photos but Photoshop is widely used because it is an amazing program with many options. We will explain the simple method of removing the background. The process follows the following steps:

Step 1: Open the image

Step 2: If you want to delete the background automatically, select the Magic Wand, adjust the tolerance as needed and press on the unwanted part, it will remove it. Another way with the Lasso tool for custom selection, select the unwanted region and press the Delete button, which will remove the background.

Step 3: Another method that can be used is the path. By selecting the Pen tool, the Wanted Object selection will be completed correctly, start creating paths and continue the process until you reach the end point and this is the most sought after option in the world of background removal. Once the path is created, save the path, select and copy and paste the product, it will create a new layer.

Step 4: Apply the desired background texture or color, add new layers and fill in the color / texture as required.

Step 5: Save the new image in JPEG / PNG / TIFF / PSD in any format.

Different uses of background removal

Cutout objects can be properly blended into different backgrounds and, therefore, can be used to create collages, scrapbooks and greeting cards. We provide a quick turnaround time for additional cost discount background removal services.

The main purpose of removing the background is to remove some part of the object and remove the part that is unwanted, i.e. the background. Images can also be damaged by inappropriate blocks, specs, shadows or textures or just the wrong color in the background. These errors can distract you from the core of your target audience, i.e. your products.

The main advantage of background removal

The products can be blended properly in a different background and so can be used to create e-commerce stores, publishing houses, catalogs, collages, scrapbooks and greeting cards.

In the following examples, objects are removed from the background, thus giving the image a brighter and cleaner look.

When there are unwanted elements in the background

In this situation, choosing a new professional photo-shoot for your marketing and advertising campaigns may not be expensive. Sometimes, it may be necessary to wait for new images to meet your needs, or you may be pressured to ignore when you find existing images of your products more profitable than taking a new image to take a new image. Image background removal services when it comes to images. We suggest bringing the whole focus to the product by removing unwanted and unnecessary items from the backdrop in your photographs.

Different methods of background removal

Photo backgrounds can be removed through a variety of image editing applications available in the market. But for those who want to get it done perfectly, manually drawn clipping paths and masking are the most efficient techniques.

We perform the background removal process by creating a path with the Pen tool. The image selection process begins by performing the clipping path. We consider time and time as our main goal to isolate the background of the image.

We use the latest techniques to remove backgrounds from digital images. Removing the background is the first and most important step to get the desired result from the image. First, the background is subtracted from the image, after which, we improve the image for a better look.

Here at Asia Clipping, we have a working process for smoothly removing backgrounds from images. Take a look at the different tasks involved:

Background Removal:

Place objects on a solid background, such as white or gray.

Remove unwanted person or object

Dust removal

Background recreated

Subject removal and replacement

Brightness adjustment

Adding shadows or reflections


Remove Category Wise Image Background

Deep-etching or background removal services are classified into the following categories considering the complexity involved and the best-fitting method.

Simple sized objects

Images that have less than 6 anchor points to select with a single path are referred to as simple-sized images. Generally, they are round, rectangular, oval or have no holes with straight shapes. Some of these objects are mobiles, plates, TVs, computer monitors, balls, eggs, books, etc.

Ordinary sized objects

When we have to remove the background from images with multiple path images with a small number of anchor points or curves, the object is called normal size. Some holes or some clarity may also be a part of this section. For example, T-shirts, rings, earrings, chairs, shoes, wristbands, cameras, motor parts, etc.

Grouped objects

Images in which objects have multiple anchor points and require multiple paths fall into grouped objects. Simply put, a number of perforated objects or reasonable levels of transparency fall under this category. Examples of Asia clipping are group watch, group bracelet, group shoes, group ring, group food items etc.

Objects of complex shapes

It takes extra time, effort and skill to separate complex shaped objects from the background. There are several closed paths to such images. Some of the intricately shaped items are chains, furniture, jewelry, hairy soft toys, nets, bicycles, group people, group bracelets, etc.

Super complex-shaped objects

Images with high complexity, final clarity, horizontal or vertical curve design, additional anchor points and closed paths fall under this category. Decorative chains, fences, cloth, trees, gates, etc. serve as the best examples of objects in this category.

Masking through background removal

Editors need to select the object in different parts at very low pixels to render the perfect look when the thing is on the soft edges for extraction from the background. Image masking is required for such objects. Some examples are human hair, hairy dolls, blankets, fabrics like chiffon and muslin, meat etc.

Ghost Mannequin effect

The service is also known as the Mannequin Removal Service and aims to remove scattered monstrosities from clothing. For e-commerce apparel businesses who want 360 ° or 3D visual media for their products, Ghost Standard service is a must. Mannequin removal takes garments to the next level.

Removing unwanted content

Sometimes, the visual appeal of a photograph is marked by unwanted objects in the background. Removing such unwanted elements can multiply the wrists of photos. You can rely on our qualified and dedicated image editors to cleanly remove such objects from your valuable photographs.

Our featured services

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