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Jewelry Retouching Service

Jewelry Retouching Service Jewelry Retouching Service

Jewelery products are one of the best online selling  products. Jewelry products have huge demand not only for women but also for men. For high demanding, Jewelary products seller have to face strong and high competition.  If you a jeweler then you need to take your products presentation seriously, low quality and appalling images can harm your business sales. 

Jewelery Photo retouching is needed to present jewelry beautifully and to make them attractive and mind blowning to the buyers. Jewelry photo retouching is not an easy task, because its corners, stone metal colors have to be presented beautifully. Otherwise the photos are completely ruined and unusable. The task of jewelry photos retouching will be easy and affordable, if you have done the job by the right and skilled people. Jewelry Photo retouchers require special skills in Photoshop for photo editing. Photoshop tools need to be used properly and efficiently. There are numerous outsourcing companies around the world who do jewelry photo editing. Asia Clipping is a modern and digital photo editing platform, where other photo editing work is done, including jewelry photos. We have skilled manpower on Photoshop. Who can help make your e-commerce site more vibrant and engaging.

 To meet the needs of our clients, we use the latest jewelry restoration techniques. Our jewelry retailers specialize in removing defects from your images by combining contrast, color, brightness, hue, etc. Ultimate We fully understand the basic requirements of jewelry retailers and this enables us to deliver high-quality results in jewelry photo makeover.


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Jewelry Dust and Scratch removing Service :

Jewelry Dust and Scratch removing Service : Jewelry Dust and Scratch removing Service :

If you take a look, you can see small dust and scratches in the jewelry photos. These dust and scratch spoils the natural beauty. As a result, they cannot attract the customer in any way. It is very important to clean the dust and scratches and present the jewelry in a perfect way.


Jewelry Reflection Removal Service:

Jewelry Reflection Removal Service: Jewelry Reflection Removal Service:

Jewelry is taken on a transparent paper or on a white cloth while taking the photos. So that, its angles, edges or sites are clearly visible. Jewelry is photographed in a transparent place or on a cloth, which reflects them. Images need to be brightened and illuminated by removing Reflection


Jewelry Shadow Creation Service:

Jewelry Shadow Creation Service: Jewelry Shadow Creation Service:

Jewelry Shadow Creation enhances the beauty of jewelery several times. Jewelry pictures become more vivid through shadow creation. There are three types of shadow creation in jewelry. Natural Shadow - Here the jewelry is highlighted in the natural shadow. Reflection Shadow - Makes it appear as though your jewelry was put on a reflective surface, like a mirror. Drop Shadow - Jewelry Drop shadow lo...


Jewelry color correction Service:

Jewelry color correction Service: Jewelry color correction Service:

When taking photos of jewelry, the effect of light is more or less, the actual color of the jewelry does not come out. Sometimes it becomes blurry and sometimes there are black spots all over a large part of the pictures. These stains prevent the jewelry from revealing the true color of the Jewelry. Adobe Photoshop does not have a pair as it gives real color to the jewelry photos by removing these...


Jewelry Background Removing Service:

Jewelry Background Removing Service: Jewelry Background Removing Service:

To present beautifully and attractively, Jewelry has to set on a stand before taking Photo. In order to accurately represent earrings, nose rings, necklaces, bracelets and jewelry pieces, their back stands are used. Next time this stand and background has to be removed. Photoshop service is required for .


Repainting Shine on Metal

Repainting Shine on Metal Repainting Shine on Metal

The metallic part of jewelry is usually much brighter and clearer. This metal contains reflections of unwanted backgrounds or objects. As a result, the metal loses its natural beauty. The real beauty of this metal can be enhanced by taking the services of Photoshop.


Diamond and Gem Polishing Service

Diamond and Gem Polishing Service Diamond and Gem Polishing Service

Diamond and gem polishing is truly a complex task. Diamonds and gems are naturally bright and shiny. They have a sparkle inside, which is usually gray and white. It is extremely difficult for a photographer to capture this natural brilliance. With the only jewelry photo retouching service you can give your Diamond and gems the true brilliance.


Gold & Silver Recoloring Service:

Gold & Silver Recoloring Service: Gold & Silver Recoloring Service:

For Gold & Silver Color Recoloring, there is no substitute for Jewelry Photo Retouching Service. For online shops, when gold and silver jewelry are photographed, they lose their natural color. As a result, they look very blurry and ugly. All the jewels can be returned to their previous color through photo retouching service


Process of Jewelry Photo Retouching Service

Jewelry Retouching Service Jewelry Retouching Service


Asia Clipping is a popular platform for jewelry photo retouching Services. We have skilled designers, with whom we retouch all types of jewelry with skillfully. Our designers edit the photos in such a way that they look natural and lively. When we retouch jewelry photos , we pay special attention to the color, shadow, image, signing, background and size of the photos so that they are perfect and clear. There are a few steps to complete for jewelry photo Retouching Services. The following are discussed in detail: -

Clipping Path: The first step in jewelry photo retouching is to ensure the clipping path. You have to select the path so accurately and perfectly way. The corners must be given special priority when clips the path, so that they are clearly visible. Care should be taken to ensure that the size or shape of the piece of jewelry displayed in the picture is not cut in any way while clipping the clipping path. And if the clipping path has to be selected manually by an experienced person, then the piece of jewelry will gets its perfect shape.

Background Removal: The second step of jewelry photo retouching is to remove the background. To remove the background of the jewelry photo, the first step is to select the clipping path, inverse and click the Control + Delete button with 0.5 feathers. Usually jewelry photos are used in white background.

Dust and Scratch Cleaning: The third step in jewelry photo editing is to clean the dust and scratches. Small dust and scratches are cleaned from jewelry photos with Photoshop's Stump tool. Graphics designer does the job perfectly. Jewelry will lose its normal color and shape and will be completely ruined if the stump tool is not used perfectly.


Jewelry Retouching Service Jewelry Retouching Service

Example of Jewelry Photo Retouching Services:

Ring /Wedding Ring Photo Retouching Service:  Both the bride and groom wear the ring as a wedding symbol during the wedding. Again we wear rings to enhance the beauty of the hand. Jewelery retailers sell these products online. So ring / wedding ring photo recharging service is needed to attract customers.

Watch Photo Retouching Service: There are very few people who have never used a watch once in their life. It enhances the beauty of our hands as well as enhances our personality. Stands or mannequins are used when photographed the watches. Watch Photo Retouch Service is needed to remove all these stands or mannequins and to enrich the beauty.

Nose Ring / Nose Pin Retouching Service: Girls from all over the world use nose rings and nose pins to enhance the beauty of their nose. Nose rings / nose pins are in great demand and has huge popularity. Nose rings and nose pins are too smaller in shape, so nose ring / nose pin retouching service is require to present thier beauty after taking shooting.

Ear Ring Photo Retouching Service: There is no girl in the world who is not attracted to earrings. Earrings of various colors and styles are made of gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and other metals. The shape of the earring is curved and small in size. Before taking pictures of these jewelry and uploading them in the online shop, to ensure earring photo retouching service.

Pendant Photo Retouching Service: People use pendant to enhance the beauty of their neck and to decorate themselves. A pendant  is incorporated with a diamond and a necklace. Pendant makes people more stylish. Pendant photos need to be retouching before being used for online site for marketing.

Chain / Necklace Photo Retouching Service: Girls use chains or necklaces to enhance the beauty of their neck. Necklaces are used to decorate the bride at the wedding ceremony. Jewelry retailers need necklace photo retouching services before uploading the jewelry in commercial sites for marketing.. This is a very complex task, which is done by skilled graphics designers.

Jewelry Retouching Service Jewelry Retouching Service

Asia Clipping is a popular platform for Photoshop Editing Services and Graphics Design Services. We efficiently provide other services including Jewelry Photo Editing Service / Jewelry Photo Retouching Service. Experienced and renowned graphic designers are required to get professional services of jewelry photo retouching. Otherwise you will not get best service. Professional photo retouching service is required for best sales in the market. All the services that we guarantee in the jewelry photo retouching service: -

1.Quality Clipping Path.

2.Background Removing

3. Perfect Background

4. 100% Dust and Scratch Cleaning 

5. Perfect Shadow Creation.

6. Eye catching Reflextion Creation.

7 High-End Retouching

8. |Finest Color Adjustment.

9 Best Shinning Stone.

10.Best ever Jewelry Retouching Service.