The background removal service is a process that is applied to isolate the subject of an image and clear the rest of the area. The process makes an image clear and beautiful. Most people use a transparent background or a white background after separating the subjects.

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Background Removal Service Background Removal Service Background Removal Service

Nowadays, 90% of e-commerce sellers list product images with white backgrounds in the online marketplace. Because most customers prefer to see a product on a white background. So, a clean and beautiful image can attract your customers and increase your sales. Also, like most ecommerce platforms Amazon, eBay recommends uploading product images on a white background.

How do we remove the background of an image?

There are many software or tools that can remove the background of an image. However, it is not possible to move a background properly without a hand-drawn path. To remove a background we draw a path around the object by hand with 400% zoom. For thrilling objects, we apply image masking.

Type of background removal service


When the subject has some basic type of anchor point and there is no difficulty in removing the background, it is easy to remove the background service. In this case, the size of the subject is simple round or no or some curve. You can get some holes in the body of the subject. The editor of the image does not have to fight to remove the background of such an image. To professional graphic designers this is just a piece of cake. Shoes, bottles, boxes, mobile phones and laptops fall into this category.


In the Medium Background Removal section, some more complex sized topics will come up. There are more curves in the body of the subject which creates more anchor points in the picture. This makes it a bit more complicated for the image editor to complete the task. Editing a medium section image takes more time and effort than graphic designers. This is why they charge more than simple background removal services. In this section, you will see a group watch, a group of shoes, a few boxes, etc.


Of all the image editing categories this is the most difficult one with extremely complex curved images, lots of anchor points. To ensure professional image editing, the image editor needs a lot of effort and time. Extremely complex clipping path services are required for advanced background removal. The picture will have fine and innumerable curves. For example cloth, fence, gate, tree etc.

Removing complex backgrounds

Complex deep etching or clipping path techniques are applied to change the background with complex objects in images. These complex objects have complex shapes and many holes and so these images take even more effort to change the background. Things like group images, group people, chains, furniture, jewelry, and bi-cycles require complex background removal services

Removes super complex background

This type of service is required for photos with complex shaped closed paths, embedded holes, curved designs or anchor points. Group bracelets, decorative chains, gates, trees, fabrics and fences are some good examples of these things.

Change the background with image masking method

Some things such as furry dolls, blankets, model hair or photos with animals require image masking techniques to remove the background. We cannot apply deep etching or clipping path methods because these objects have obscure edges that cannot be separated by this process.

Background Removal Service Background Removal Service Background Removal Service

Who needs photos to remove the background service?


We will. Photo background removal services are most needed for e-commerce retailers who want to attract the attention of their customers. Any confusion in the background can divert customers attention. It is very difficult for online owners to manipulate large size photos, and so they seek help from others.

Remove background service allows ecommerce owners to separate products from the background and eliminate any hassle from the frame. This service helps you to have a consistent view of all the images on the ecommerce website. This will make it easier and more customer-friendly for visitors to view and purchase products.

Removing photo backgrounds is also very necessary in the printing industry. Product catalogs must be clean and flawless and have a consistent look. If you want to create a user manual or technical document, you must remove stains or confusion from the photos before printing. This will cover the words on the page and help the users to use the products easily.

Professional background removal services help you focus on what’s really important to the e-commerce business whether you have a few or a batch of images.

How much does it cost?

The price of a background removal service has not been specified. It depends on how many edges and holes the object has and how complex they are depending on how complex the masking becomes. Thus, the cost of a background removal service depends on the path of clipping and the complexity of masking the image.

Why do you need to remove your background?

Removing the background is crucial for any commercial image that is promoted or uploaded to any eCommerce Marketplace. Most customers prefer to see a product on a white background. Even, like most ecommerce platforms Amazon, eBay suggests uploading product images on a white background.

So if you are a seller / retailer of an online marketplace, background removal is strongly recommended for you.

When should your background be removed?

If you use it on any ecommerce platform.

If the background is inconsistent with the object.

If the focus is removed from the background object.

To create a transparent background (png).

If you want to set a new background.

If you want to create a uniform background of catalog images.

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Background Removal Service Background Removal Service Background Removal Service

Who needs this service?

This service is required for all types of businesses that do business online or have a presence. Companies that have stores on an e-commerce platform can benefit from image background removal services. E-commerce websites set different conditions for uploading images to their sites. One of the conditions for uploading product photos to e-commerce sites is to remove the background of the photos. Background removal allows viewers to focus on topics.

Moreover, most people like to see a product photo with a plain background. This is why the e-commerce industry needs image background removal services more than any other.

Print Media is also a huge client base for this service. Advertising companies cannot do business without them. Their products or product models must come first. They mostly shoot indoors. So, there are unwanted things in the background. In that case they have to remove the background.

In addition to these magazines, graphics companies, photographers, and graphic designers need image background removal services.

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